Monday, 18 March 2019

Ludhiana Student Becomes a Top Gamer on Mobile Premier League

By Tricitynews
Ludhiana 18th Mar, 2019:- Kumar Ashish, a college student from Ludhiana and gamer on Mobile Premier League (MPL) has won over INR 70,000 over the last couple of months making him one of the biggest winners from the city. MPL, India’s fastest growing Mobile eSports platform, attracts millions of users from across the country, allowing them to participate in a range of skill based mobile games and compete with over tens of thousands of players in 1v1 or tournament style player formats.
Kumar Ashish has been a regular gamer on MPL since he downloaded the app. He spends a few hours every day practicing and improving his gaming skills on the platform. Kumar heard of MPL on YouTube and instantly downloaded it. The quality of games, access to millions of players likes him and opportunities for reward were factors that attracted him the most. 
According to Kumar Ashish, it was easy to download the app and start playing, but he only realized the full potential of mobile gaming once he started winning real money on MPL. While competing and winning is exhilarating, he makes sure to enjoy the games, especially fruit dart. He has played over 500 tournaments and his favourite game on MPL is fruit dart. He was able to reach the sapphire class in a short span of time because of regular practice and my urge to win.
Till now, Kumar has got almost one lakh views on his MPL profile and frequently shares his winning tips and tricks with other players in the chat section of the app. In addition to the cash rewards, he has also won an LED TV by winning one of the latest tournaments on the app. Kumar is already an MPL hero in a lot of ways.
He added that he is not just a hero in the virtual world, but one at home too. His parents were extremely proud of him when they got to know that he has won cash prize by playing games on MPL and focusing on his studies at the same time. He was able to contribute towards my family expenses and sibling’s education with the help of money won. MPL is not just another app, it has given many gamers like him the right path to sharpen our skills and win rewards.  He added that patience and regular practice has helped me achieve this feat and he aim to improve my skills every day.
Kumar is currently pursuing bachelors in pharmacy and aspires to become a drug inspector in the future. Along with his career, Kumar is keen on pursuing mobile gaming as a passion. 

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